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4:38:41 pm
August 14, 2016
level 3
Hey! Who turned out the lights...
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5:35:21 pm
August 6, 2013
level 2
SOL isn't in the list of comics, active or inactive. I was hoping to go back and re-read it, but now I can't.
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It does seem to have mysteriously disappeared... I'll see if i can make them available
posted by adm1n at 10:58:31 am, August 7, 2013
7:39:44 pm
June 29, 2013
level 2
The pages "Deflection" and "Origin Story" aren't working. I tried ie as well as firefox.
It sucks because that's where I happen to be T_T
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Many thanks! I really enjoy the comic, glad I can continue :)
posted by Duragi at 1:53:17 am, July 15, 2013
I located them and reuploaded them, must've accidentally deleted them.
posted by adm1n at 9:16:40 pm, July 7, 2013
Oh right, I should be able to fix that today >_>
posted by adm1n at 6:57:47 am, July 2, 2013
6:53:45 pm
September 12, 2012
level 3
Not really a bug, more of a recommendation: you should post a users current number of posts on their profile.
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more will become available as your level increases. The requirements for each level are listed in User Navigation > Site Guide in the side bar.
posted by adm1n at 11:47:22 pm, March 5, 2013
Is it normal to only be able to select from a limited number of avatars? I see so many on the comic and board, but only have the option of handful.
posted by Karen at 11:44:33 pm, March 5, 2013
the change profile pic problem should be resolved now.
posted by adm1n at 5:39:28 pm, September 17, 2012
2:12:00 pm
September 13, 2012
level 5
Hey, when I try to post on comic page, browser will crash on phone
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should be fixed now
posted by adm1n at 2:25:44 pm, September 22, 2012
6:30:23 pm
September 14, 2012
level 1
adm1n, I'm pudding, for some reason i cant use my name even after i registered it
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ok, thank you!
posted by pudding at 12:47:08 am, September 18, 2012
try now, issue should be fixed. and its a bigger bother to have a bug go unreported, so feel free to say whenever something else happens.
posted by adm1n at 5:38:57 pm, September 17, 2012
hmm now i can log, but i can't change the picture...sorry if i bother you so much
posted by pudding at 2:55:49 pm, September 17, 2012
1:32:10 pm
September 8, 2012
level 1
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posted by adm1n at 10:39:29 pm, September 12, 2012
This isn't a bug!
posted by Al at 1:33:26 pm, September 8, 2012